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HSEP15: The Effortless, Everything; Flow with Life 🌊

Pre Broadcast Reflections

The Effortless, Everything; Flow with Life


As a pointer, there are two types of effort. There is the effort of anxious determination that tries to swim upstream. Then, there is the effort of playful exploration, which, effortless, flows downstream.

The world itself, effortless, don’t say “no-effort,” it says... “relax, my dear, effort-less.”

The effort-full life is fraught with dissatisfaction and disappointment. There is a painful assumption that’s sees yourself at a great distance from what is desired. The subsequent conclusion is that you must fight the current of life, and fight yourself, if you are to ever make meaningful progress.

Whatever progress is made, usually can only result in distain or apathy, for wherever you ended up didn’t provide the prize you thought would be there. We can call this a joyless victory that only offered a temporary high of imaginary self importance. Looking back, we see a life spent in conflict, in resistance, flavored with a self righteous sacrifice wrapped in a fear that at any moment you might lose it all.

All the while, during this journey of joyless effort striving toward a joyless victory, we miss entirely the real point of being alive. A point that is much more about flow, enjoyment, and discovery, than it is about reach some ephemeral destination.

Maybe, as a way of illustrating, we can ask ourselves a question.

- am I engaged with effort in this action because I’m genuinely curious, or, am I engaged because the outcome has a chance of making me feel important?

The first part of the question points toward a downstream flow, as I’m giving attention and effort to something that is already present and alive within me. The second part is an upstream battle that sees the present moment (life) as an obstacle between where you are and where you want to be.

It makes perfect sense though, why we would operate in a way that fights life, or feels the real prize is in the future. This has been the conditioning, where society has told what you should be interested in, what you should be doing, and what self-congratulatory prize awaits you in the future for doing what you were told. Rather than letting go of you and inviting you to discover what’s already within you wanting to be explored. Asking you... “what adventure you are here to discovery; why are you ALIVE?”

No, we say... “Let me tell you why you are alive. You are alive to make me feel important. You should do what I say, you should be my prisoner so that I can feel like I have some semblance of control.”

What a fucking disaster.

To truly flow with life, we must return to life; which is to turn away from what society and others demand of you (so they can hide from themselves), and get in touch with the aliveness within what you are.

Get in touch with a worth and value already present, not projected into the future and given by others who are woefully confused about life. Given by those who value nonsense, like praising you because you’ve collected more trinkets than your neighbor. These people don’t see you, they see their own egocentric fantasy projected onto you. How gross is that to claim this as your own praise.

The Effortless Life, is to connect with a guidance that knows where you go next. The guidance is never about a future prize, its never about being worshiped or validated by the worlds, it’s about the present moment unfolding of discovery. Just as a flower unfolds and blooms into life, we as human beings unfold and share our beauty with the world.

We are not here to “get” something, for this only implies we are missing something. We are here to discover something beautiful... within what we are, and then share that beauty with the world.

Let’s dive into this, and other adorable human nonsense, on this evenings live video broadcast of “Holding Space for Love to be Seen.”