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HSEP64: Everything Real, is Sacred; Everything Real, is God

Friends, as you're about to listen to this discussion, know that Tiger speaks from a place of profound wisdom, care and insight. In "Everything Real, is Sacred; Everything Real, is God", he guides an exploration into discerning reality from our mental stories in a way that can't help but uplift and free you.

Through gentle yet penetrating inquiry, Tiger reveals how we create experiences and get caught in struggles by confusing imagination with reality. He invites us to surrender clinging to an imaginary identity and instead return home to the sacredness within. I found myself seeing past long-held patterns as he spoke.

Whether you want relief from suffering, clarity on life's purpose or simply time with a teacher who sees your wholeness, Tiger's presence and commentary provide food for deep reflection. As the discussion unfolds, open fully to his perspective - it just may shift your entire way of seeing. I hope you receive the gifts of opening and peace this session offers. Enjoy!

Chapter Outline for “Everything Real is Sacred; Everything Real is God” Podcast Episode

  • [[0:00:04]] Introduction

    Welcome, friends. In this episode, we explore the difference between what is truly happening and what we imagine.

  • [[0:05:36]] Seeing Beyond Our Thoughts

    I am grateful to realize that our thoughts do not actually manifest, but rather, we perceive them as real. It has profound implications to understand that our inner world responds to our imagination, rather than the external world.

  • [[0:10:37]] Discerning Reality from Imagination

    We invite you to discern what is truly unfolding from what we imagine. It is easy to assume that our inner experiences are solely influenced by external factors, but there is great value in recognizing how far from the truth that can be.

  • [[0:16:28]] Understanding Spiritual Concepts Beyond Conditioning

    Words carry meaning based on our conditioning and interpretation, not just the intention behind them. When you listen to this episode, you are truly hearing yourself and your own filters.

  • [[0:22:23]] How We Create Our Experience Through Imagination

    Our experiences are shaped by the countless scenarios we imagine. However, when we confuse imagination with reality, we become prisoners of our own mind, believing the illusions we create are real.

  • [[0:26:23]] Surrendering the Imaginary Self

    We invite you to let go of the imaginary character and identity we have constructed and instead see what truly exists beyond the stories of our mind.

  • [[0:30:37]] The Humor in Clinging to an Imaginary Identity

    Let's gently observe the innocent struggle and futility of the character within us that desperately seeks validation and tries to prove its existence, even though it will never receive the confirmation it seeks.

  • [[0:33:54]] We're All Playing the Same Game

    Every being goes through the same mechanism of struggle, all afraid of facing the truth that there is no separate self.

  • [[0:34:58]] Letting Go of What We Think is Happening

    The path is not about figuring things out, but about realizing that nothing is truly happening, and therefore, there is nothing to solve. It is a journey of surrendering to what is.

  • [[0:38:23]] Being Held by the Immensity of Life

    Surrender the fight and return home to the heart of God. Allow life to flow through you, rather than trying to control it with your own agendas.

  • [[0:44:30]] Allowing Experiences to Teach

    In times of pain and struggle, the invitation is to seek understanding, not the conquest of pain. Explore how innocent misunderstandings contribute to our own suffering.

  • [[0:47:39]] The Sacredness Beyond Our Interpretations

    What we imagine things to imply is not real. Beneath all the stories we tell ourselves, there lies only the sacredness of God.

  • [[0:52:46]] Guided Meditation: Holding Space for Heartache

    Join us in a guided meditation that invites you to relax resistance and discover the inherent peace that exists beyond the fears and concepts of the mind.