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EP74: When "Self-Love" is Actually Self-Sabotage; Find the Courage to Grow

Are you ready to confront the truths you've been avoiding? In this live video session, we'll dive deep into the heart of what it means to truly love and honor ourselves. This isn't about the comforting words we tell ourselves to feel better. Instead, it's about facing the raw, sometimes uncomfortable realities of our lives.

We often wrap ourselves in the guise of 'self-love' to avoid confronting the areas where we're not showing up for ourselves. But what if this avoidance is actually a form of self-sabotage? What if the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is to be brutally honest about our dissatisfaction and the ways we're not living up to our potential?

This session is an invitation to challenge yourself, to look closely at the aspects of your life where you're not fully satisfied. It's about acknowledging where you're holding back, where fear has been dictating your choices, and where comfort has become a subtle trap that keeps you from growing.

Together, we'll explore how to break free from these patterns, how to embrace the courage to face our fears, and how to take meaningful steps towards true self-improvement and fulfillment.

This is more than just a conversation; it's a call to action for your heart and soul. If you're feeling a tug in your heart as you read this, trust that it's a sign you're ready for this journey.

Your presence in this session could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for. Let's embrace this opportunity for heartfelt honesty and real growth, together.