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Working with Tiger 1 on 1

1on1 w Tiger

1-on-1 Support

I'm not so much a “coach,” as I am a… Mentor. 

My primary focus is on supporting you to see…

  • the deeper truths, the deeper opportunities, in your everyday life.
"Your Life is not a mess, not a problem to be solved. Your life is an opportunity to discover something beautiful on the inside of what you are, and then share that beauty with the world."

Whether you're going through a transition, building a business, or… navigating personal relationships; ALL of these things, and more, are deeply affected by how clearly we see ourselves and the truth of life. 

I help you gain clarity, get focused, and make meaningful progress.

I DON'T do 1-time only sessions; beyond a consultation.

I'm interested in building a relationship with you, and going on a journey together. Because, if you are really going to transform your consciousness, see things more clearly, this will be a process that unfolds over time. 

A Journey together will save you years of pain and struggle, and simply help you experience more of what you crave — more quickly.

IMAGINE… Not having to spin your wheels over internal or external drama or confusion, and we can quickly get to the root issue, and to your next step with profound clarity and focus.

Last updated 10 Jun 2024.