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HSEP33: 🤯 Can You Handle the Truth About Life?


We all have an aspect of ourselves that doesn't want to see the truth of life, and this creates an illusion of reality that we use to keep ourselves safe from the Truth of Life. Tiger invites us to look at how this relates to our ability to be sincere and honest. He examines the various ways in which we can convince ourselves that the lies we tell ourselves are actually the truth (”I’m not enough, I’m missing something, etc”), and how this can lead to a lack of self-awareness that pushes a way a real opportunity to BE Alive.

Tiger explores why it can seem difficult to open up to the truth of life, and how it relates to our need to control outcomes and other people. Our fear of being vulnerable and facing the truth can prevent us from being our true selves. Additionally, consider the idea that we may be too attached to the illusions of our own making and unwilling to let go of them - even when we know them to be false.

Look at all the illusions we have created, and compassionately understand why it can be difficult to be ourselves. Finally, Tiger questions what we are willing to give up in order to open up to the truth of life and be ourselves, and suggests that it requires courage to let go of our illusions and embrace life as it is.


  • Tiger 16:34 - “Why does it seem difficult to be sincere and honest? Look at in your own experience - those times when it seems to be difficult to express what is sincere or to be honest. This is like saying, ‘Why is it difficult to allow the truth of Life to be the truth of Life?’ Why? Because it requires us to let go of our illusions of control.”

  • Tiger 23:06 - “If it seems like you're distant from the truth of life, which is also an infinite supply of love, compassion and freedom, it's only because you want something more than you want the truth of life.”

  • Tiger 27:32 - “Look, you have a choice here. Either give yourself back to yourself, or keep being a slave - not a slave to other people, but a slave to your own illusions. Either be what you are and embrace the truth of life, or… keep hiding from yourself, while trying to be what the world wants you to be.”

  • Tiger 30:08 - “In suffering, you think there's something else that's more important than the truth of Life, the truth of what you are. My question extended to you is: what's more important than the truth of your own heart?”

  • Tiger 35:49 - “I hope you're exhausted, because so often, it's when we're exhausted, we can be honest enough about the pain we're experiencing. That becomes an opening for us to look more sincerely at what's going on. We can see our innocent illusions and gently release them.”