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HSEP32: 🤨 Why Worry When You Can Meditate?

Tiger shares an insightful perspective on the infinite worlds of worry that we can get caught up in. He explains that we are not actually worried about reality, but our mental content. He encourages us to come back to the present moment and to recognize that the answer to our worries is in the disappearance of the question. Tiger also points out that the mind's content can be quite threatening to the ego, and encourages us to not believe so much in our worries. He suggests that we explore the concept of meditation as something that can happen all the time, not just as an activity to get a particular outcome. Ultimately, he reminds us that the more we understand the authentic nature of meditation, the more profound the benefits.


  • Tiger 07:15: "We're not worried about the reality of life, the reality of what is true, what is real. We are worried about the loss of the illusions we cling to."

  • Tiger 17:19: "The prize is to see reality clearly, which essentially, is to see that there's nothing to worry about. Then love just explodes onto the scene."

  • Tiger 19:23: "The answer is what you find in the disappearance of the question. The answer is presence. The answer is, what is Here and Now, what is real and true. The solution to worry isn’t found by thinking and thinking and thinking."

  • Tiger 26:53: "For me, meditation is something else entirely, than trying to get a personal outcome. More so, it’s about honoring the reality of Life, coming Home to what’s real. Just in doing this, there’s a natural and effortless byproduct of wellness. But… I’m not seeking wellness."

  • Tiger 30:02: "Meditation is the most efficient way to open the window of life. It's the tool that allows you to see the true nature of reality and recognize that there's nothing to worry about. When you meditate, you can open the window of life and let love in. It's that simple. That's why meditation is so powerful."