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HSEP22: The Big 😠, Bad 😤, Super-Cute 😊, Ego 👿

Friends, Tiger is at it again exploring the depths of what it means to be human with his signature wit and wisdom. In this episode of "HeartBased Solopreneur" called "The Big, Bad, Super-Cute Ego", Tiger delves into examining our most fundamental misunderstanding - the ego. With his usual skill, Tiger untangles common confusions around the ego and what lies beyond it.

He shares profound insights and hilarious anecdotes to shed new light on these eternal mysteries. As always, Tiger's insight has the power to simultaneously crack you up and crack open your heart. So if you're looking for deep reflection and belly laughs, or seeking to more fully embrace life's paradoxes. Join us for what is sure to be another thought-provoking yet lighthearted adventure into truth

Understanding the Ego 0:13:36

Ego simply character in mind presenting itself when thinking about something called me. Not problem, product of mind, imaginary. Mistake it for reality then try protect defend unreal thinking real. Suffering message let go surrender burden.

Seeing Beyond the Ego 0:24:15

Reality not concerned ego. Impossible speak truth use imagination discover not imaginary. Sunset example mind comments later see before. Can't communicate experience million times more magnificent words. Discover what you really are beyond ego not scared.

Stories and the Ego 0:34:27

Stories point beyond themselves greater truths. Ego clings stories thinks resonance means story true. Resonance was true character mind can't define. Tells story hold on suppresses resonance. Religious stories point not important true just see pointed.

The Nature of the Ego 0:45:57

Angel wants worshipped not permitted heaven. Self banishes frustrated wants worshipped validated proved existence. Trying be God make unreal real can't so creates hell suffering stems. Human species celebrating separateness validating ideas unreal before God.