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HSEP21: The Illusion & Trap, of... Self Love πŸ’•

Friends, I know you won't want to miss Tiger's latest insights on the illusions surrounding self love in this episode of Holding Space for Love to be Seen. Through his masterful storytelling and ability to cut to the core, Tiger explores how our misunderstandings of love, self, and reality itself can trap us in a constant struggle. But as always, his message is not one of judgment but of liberation - by clarifying confusion, surrendering fantasies of past and future, and coming fully home to what is true in this moment.

If you've ever felt frustrated in your attempts to love yourself or realize your full potential, Tiger offers a profound re-framing that could change everything. And for those who already feel nourished by his teachings, this episode promises to take the inquiry to an even deeper level. As with all of Tiger's work, I know you'll find plenty of 'aha!' moments to chew on and return to again and again. Join us live to experience the magic of Tiger's presence and gain insights that could light your path for years to come. The truth is waiting to be seen - I hope you'll make time to tune in!


Seeing Through the Illusion of Self Love 0:00:00

Self love often sets us up to constantly seek what we think we are, but this changing character is impossible to truly love. Are you trying to love who you think you are, or experience love for what you really are beneath ideas of self?

Clarifying Misunderstandings: What Are You Really Trying to Love? 0:10:14

If self love is a struggle, we need to reevaluate what we think love is. Love embraces what is as it is without condition. The struggle comes from unwillingness, not love itself. What are you really trying to love - ideas of self, or the reality beneath?

The Trap of Past and Future: Escaping the Present Moment 0:20:25

Belief in past and future as real places what we crave there, making this moment an obstacle. We avoid reality looking elsewhere, missing that what we crave is already here if only seen. Past and future are imaginary - it's not there, only imagined as such. The invitation is to stillness.

Self Love Isn't Conditional: Seeing Beyond Expectations 0:30:09

If self love is conditional on how we or situations appear, it's not real love. Real love recognizes wholeness without judgment. All human beings fundamentally desire the same - to see truth. Coming home to this reveals love naturally.

Coming Home to Reality: Surrendering Imaginary Fantasies 0:40:44

We worship images like ideas of love, self, past and future rather than reality. This discovery of seeing truth is the most important thing, inspiring total devotion to what simply is, here, now.