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EP71: Go Beyond Guilt, Self Violence, and illusions of Ugliness

Friends, if you're looking for an hour of inspiration and insight as Tiger guides us to our true selves, I have the perfect episode for you. In this episode of "Holding Space Podcast" titled "Go Beyond Guilt, Self Violence, and illusions of Ugliness," Tiger takes us on a journey of self-reflection.

Through his gentle yet thought-provoking dialogue, Tiger helps unravel the illusions that keep us trapped in guilt and violence towards ourselves. You'll gain a new perspective on concepts like choice, responsibility and the nature of reality. Tiger also shares powerful stories that illustrate our innate wellness and interconnectedness.

As with all of Tiger's work, there's a lightness and humor that makes these "aha" moments sink deep into your being. So if you're ready to release limiting beliefs and reconnect with your true, loving essence, I highly recommend dedicating an hour to immerse in this episode with Tiger. It's the perfect reminder of what really matters - our shared humanity beyond all surface stories. Enjoy!