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EP72 My Secret? Knowing That I Don't Know (Peace and Freedom)

Friends, if you seek greater peace and freedom in your journey, I invite you to tune into this special episode of HeartBased Solopreneur with Tiger. In "My Secret: Knowing That I Don't Know," Tiger shares profound insights into questioning our assumptions of knowledge and embracing the unknown.

Through his signature blend of wisdom, compassion and playfulness, Tiger guides us on an exploration of how tensions arise from thinking we know what we don't. He illuminates the invitation to release resistance and align with what is true. Tiger also discusses embracing difficult growth and questioning illusions of control that cause suffering.

Tiger speaks from his heart to offer perspective that can help us see through delusions and connect more fully with what we truly crave. If you wish to deepen your understanding and experience greater peace within life's uncertainties, I know you will find this discussion with Tiger both insightful and uplifting.