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(CLD) Conscious Life Design -6 Course Series (12 to 18 Weeks)

A Collection of 6 Courses that take you through a journey of deep understanding

CLD1 The Nature of Your Reality

CLD 1 | 6 Hours 

The Nature of Your Reality

THE POINT: CLD 1 offers a deep understanding of how it is our human experience is created from the inside out.

THE POWER: We’ve heard it before that “all is One,” yet, maybe never truly understood what that’s pointing toward. If all is One, then you must be that One.

THE OPPORTUNITY: To truly know that what you are is the source of everything you experience, sets a stage to expose your true potential as a conscious human being.

CLD2 Emotional Guidance & Intelligence

CLD 2 | 6 Hours 

Emotional Guidance & Intelligence

THE POINT: CLD 2 explores the intricate dynamics of Love and Fear, gaining a deeper understanding of how these emotions shape your daily experiences.

THE POWER: Uncover the profound truth that emotions are not merely reactions but potent forces that influence your reality.

THE OPPORTUNITY: This journey unlocks your true potential, enabling you to navigate the human experience with clarity and compassion.


CLD3 The Gift of Being Human

CLD 3 | 6 Hours 

The Gift of Being Human

THE POINT: CLD 3 offers a profound insights into the nature of being human and the gifts it brings.

THE POWER: You'll come to realize that Your True Purpose is not an external goal to achieve but an innate aspect of your being.

THE OPPORTUNITY: This journey invites you to explore the depths of your being and unleash the unique gifts that make you a conscious and empowered human being.

CLD4 The Opportunity of Relationships

CLD 4 | 6 Hours 

The Opportunity of Relationships

THE POINT: CLD 4 illuminates the essence of Understanding People, The Cosmic Mirror, and Freedom is Love's Gift, providing profound insights into the dynamics of relationships and their transformative potential.

THE POWER: This understanding allows us to recognize the interconnectedness of all beings and the transformative power of love in our relationships.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Recognizing that what you are is the source of everything you experience, sets the stage for embracing your true potential as a conscious and compassionate human being.


CLD5 Following the Heart

CLD 5 | 6 Hours 

Following Your Heart

THE POINT: CLD 5 offers a profound exploration into the dynamics of following one's heart and embracing the flow of life.

THE POWER: Releasing Outcome liberates us from attachment to specific outcomes, allowing us to embrace the journey with openness and trust.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Recognizing that what you seek is already within you sets the stage for experiencing your true potential as a conscious and empowered individual.


CLD6 Define, Embody, Engage

CLD 6 | 6 Hours 

Define, Embody, Engage

THE POINT: CLD 6 introduces Reflection Meditations to help you Connect with what is real, fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience.

THE POWER: You'll uncover the power of connecting with what is real, tapping into emotional intelligence, embracing the gift of being human, and recognizing the transformative potential within relationships and following the heart.

THE OPPORTUNITY: You unlock the opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself and the world around you.

Last updated 10 Jun 2024.