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(CLS) 30 Days of Conscious Living (10hrs total)

30-day meditative journey to recognize and connect with more Love, Compassion, and Freedom.

Each lesson consists of a 15-minute video.

30 Days of Conscious Living

Week 1 - To Be Conscious

Day 1: "Awake to Life" - Explore the essence of being truly alive.

Day 2: "Beyond the Dream" - Transcend the limitations of the mind and dive into the realm of possibilities.

Day 3: "The Here & Now" - Embrace the power of living fully in the present moment.

Day 4: "Truth Beyond the Mind" - Discover deeper truths that go beyond rational understanding.

Day 5: "Wholeness in All Things" - Recognize the interconnectedness of all aspects of existence.

Day 6: "A Deep Acceptance" - Cultivate radical acceptance of yourself and the world around you.

Day 7: "Love’s Resurrection" - Experience the transformative power of love in your life.

30 Days of Conscious Living

Week 2 - Conscious Relating

Day 8: "Do I See You?" - Explore the essence of true perception and deep connection.

Day 9: "A Cosmic Mirror" - Reflect on the interconnectedness of all beings in the universe.

Day 10: "The Great Letting Go" - Release attachment and cultivate acceptance in your relationships.

Day 11: "Holding Space" - Learn the art of compassionate presence and support in relationships.

Day 12: "Courage to Be Sincere" - Embrace authenticity and vulnerability in your interactions.

Day 13: "Authentic Connection" - Foster genuine and meaningful connections with others.

Day 14: "Grow in Love" - Nurture and expand the love within yourself and in your relationships.

30 Days of Conscious Living

Week 3 - Conscious Creating

Day 15: "The Real Prize" - Discover the true essence of success and fulfillment.

Day 16: "A Playful Journey" - Approach life with a sense of lightness and joy.

Day 17: "Success is Failure" - Embrace failure as a necessary step on the path to success.

Day 18: "Heart First" - Cultivate a heart-centered approach to manifesting your desires.

Day 19: "Trust, Not Hope" - Learn to trust in the unfolding of life rather than relying on hope.

Day 20: "Moving through Fear" - Overcome fears and limitations to unleash your full potential.

Day 21: "It’s Already Done" - Understand the power of intention and belief in manifesting your dreams.

30 Days of Conscious Living

Week 4 - Conscious Healing

Day 22: "A Return to Wholeness" - Explore the path to inner healing and integration.

Day 23: "The Truth Sets You Free" - Embrace the liberating power of facing your truth.

Day 24: "Painful Separation" - Navigate through the process of healing from past wounds and separations.

Day 25: "Change the Past" - Discover how to shift your perspective and create healing from within.

Day 26: "Nowhere to Go, Surrender" - Surrender to the present moment and find peace in acceptance.

Day 27: "Embrace Your Humanness" - Embrace your vulnerabilities and imperfections as part of your journey.

Day 28: "All is Forgiven" - Release resentment and cultivate forgiveness for yourself and others.

30 Days of Conscious Living

Wrap Up - Conscious Living

Day 29: "The Miracle of Being Alive" - Reflect on the wonder and beauty of life itself, cultivating a sense of awe and appreciation.

Day 30: "Gratitude for All that Is" - Conclude your journey with gratitude, acknowledging the abundance and blessings present in your life.

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