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Full Embrace of Life & Being Human (4hrs)

Why are we even here, in Life, being and doing this Human thing? 🤷‍♂️
To prioritize this WHY, beyond the ego's assumptions and confusions about life and being human, we are here to...
  • Part 1) INQUIRY: To SEE and connect with a depth of beauty about Life, that reveals itself as the greatest gift within the human experience. The more deeply we see - the more our hearts can open; the more deeply we see the truth of life, then the more we see there is simply nothing to fear.
    • What we fear is pointing toward a deeper love to be seen
    • The dream is a dream, let it be what it is - and YOU come back to reality
    • As the heart opens, the path and direction becomes profoundly clear

  • Part 2) DEVOTION: To EMBODY (BE) this gift, this beauty, in a way that invites this beauty into our lives. We have been blessed with the gift of awareness to see this beauty to whatever degree that we see it, and... it's a soulful honor to gently lay down our illusions and allow this beauty to... take over.
    • Is this not the most important 'something' in your life?
    • Self-Forgiveness IS to get out of your own way
    • Give everything back to the truth of Life

  • Part 3) SERVICE: To SHARE this beauty in playful and creative ways that celebrate / worship the truth of Life. This is not a demand, nor a requirement, it's an opportunity - gifted to us through grace; we are honored to serve in this way. This play, this service, is allowing our human vehicle to be an instrument for Life's Love to flow through us and touch everything we see.
    • There are no problems, there are only opportunities for love to expand
    • The world, planet earth, is a playground for Love to be shared
    • The value you give, is the value you will receive
  • Part 4) WHAT'S NEXT?: Group Exploration
    • Based on what we've explored, what are the next practical and playful human steps for you in your journey?
Last updated 10 Jun 2024.