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Love, Compassion, & Freedom -Retreat Recordings (10hrs)

Experience the essence of love, compassion, and freedom through a series of enlightening sessions captured during the live retreat. Each session is designed to deepen your understanding of life's miracles, the human struggle, forgiveness, mindfulness, and living from the heart.

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Session 1: Welcome, to this Miracle called Life - Embrace the wonder of existence and the gift of being alive.

Session 2: The Ancient Struggle of Man - Explore the timeless challenges faced by humanity throughout history.

Session 3: A Return to Wholeness - Discover the path to inner healing and integration.

Session 4: Gratitude For All That Is - Cultivate gratitude as a gateway to profound peace and contentment.

Session 5: Real Forgiveness is Real Freedom - Experience the liberating power of true forgiveness.

Session 6: An Innocent Misunderstanding - Unravel the complexities of human relationships and communication.

Session 7: Wake Up to Life and Open Your Eyes - Awaken to the beauty and richness of life around you.

Session 8: Holding Space; Living from the Heart - Learn the art of compassion and presence in supporting others.

Session 9: The Courage to Thrive, in Life & Business - Embrace courage and resilience in navigating life's challenges.

Session 10: Please Let Go, of Letting Go - Release attachment and surrender to the flow of life.

Session 11: Understanding the Nature of Mind - Gain insights into the workings of the mind and its impact on reality.

Session 12: A Poetic Life of Being - Embrace the beauty and grace of existence through poetic reflection.

Last updated 10 Jun 2024.