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Healthy Non Attachment in Relationships (2hrs)

A transformative journey exploring the nuances of emotional attachments in our closest relationships.

PHNR Module 1 - Exploring Attachment

Exploring Attachment

THE POINT: Gain insights into the nature of attachment in relationships, understand its impact, and explore ways to cultivate healthy non-attachment.

THE POWER: Uncover the potential benefits of non-attachment, such as freedom and genuine connections, alongside acknowledging the drawbacks of unhealthy attachment, including fear and control.

THE OPPORTUNITY: Through a mindful and compassionate approach to non-attachment, you have the chance for introspection and personal development.

PHNR Module 2- The Growth Framework

Framework: Clarity, Engagement, and Evaluation

THE POINT: Offers a roadmap for personal growth within relationships through promoting self-honesty, accountability, and introspection.

THE POWER: Unlock the power to transform relationship dynamics and foster genuine connections.

THE OPPORTUNITY: By engaging in self-reflection and actively changing perceptions and narratives, you can cultivate healthier and more fulfilling connections with others and themselves.


PHNR Module 3 - Q&A Deep Dive

Q&A Deep Dive 

THE POINT: Explore the pivotal role of communication in relationships and personal growth, emphasizing the significance of self-relationship as the foundation for effective communication.

THE POWER: Gain the power to overcome the fear of rejection and cultivate true healing from within.

THE OPPORTUNITY: The opportunity to foster genuine connections and personal growth.

PHNR Module 4- Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation Exercise

THE POINT: Offers a guided meditation focused on courage in growth, inviting participants to relax, be present, and embrace the possibilities of personal development, love, compassion, and freedom.

THE POWER: You'll recognize that being human is an adventure filled with opportunities for growth and expansion.

THE OPPORTUNITY: You have the opportunity to choose the path of growth consciously.



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