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(Biz Course) Overcome the 12 Struggles, for Solopreneurs (2hrs)

In this 12-part course, Tiger explores the 12 most common struggles experienced by heart-based solopreneurs. Divided into three modules—Time Management & Focus, Marketing and Sales, and Personal and Emotional Challenges—each section offers practical guidance and solutions to empower solopreneurs on their journey to success.

Overcoming the 12 STRUGGLES of Solopreneurs

Module 1: Time Management & Focus

  • Lack of clarity about what I’m doing: Gain clarity on your goals and objectives to steer your business in the right direction.
  • Difficulty with being able to focus: Learn techniques to improve concentration and productivity in your work.
  • Poor time-management and tasks prioritization: Develop effective time management skills and prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency.
  • Overwhelm with managing all aspects of the business: Explore strategies for managing overwhelm and maintaining balance in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Module 2: Marketing and Sales

  • Difficulty with self-promotion and marketing: Overcome reluctance and learn effective self-promotion techniques.
  • Difficulty with pricing & the value formula: Determine the true value of your products or services and set appropriate pricing.
  • Managing client expectations and relationships: Build strong client relationships and manage expectations to ensure satisfaction.
  • Finding New Clients and Sales: Explore strategies for attracting new clients and generating sales for your business.

Module 3: Personal and Emotional Challenges

  • Struggling with imposter syndrome and self-doubt: Overcome feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt to unleash your full potential.
  • Feeling isolated and lacking a support network: Build a strong support network and overcome feelings of isolation in your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Burnout; Managing work-life balance and boundaries: Implement strategies for preventing burnout and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Future uncertainty and financial security: Address fears surrounding financial stability and uncertainty about the future.

Last updated 10 Jun 2024.